Our Craft



Terralab offers a holistic approach to planning, budgeting, and designing projects. With an emphasis on environmental and community health, every project is designed to create beautiful, sustainable places that positively impact users and meet our client's goals.


Planning & Budget Forecasting

Terralab has the experience and vision to make the client's project a success. We develop preliminary budgets and planning concepts to help our clients understand potential impacts and meet their project goals, no matter the scale.



Commercial Landscape Architecture + Design

We help our clients establish a vision for their project, and transform it into a reality. Terralab guides the evolution of the project vision from conceptual design through construction documentation, delivering the documents our clients need to achieve successful, built work.

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Bidding & Negotiating

Terralab manages all aspects of the bidding and contractor negotiation process, whether the project is public, private, or design-build. We use our experience and industry knowledge to negotiate bids on our client's behalf and recommend qualified contractors. We strive to assemble the best construction team for a given project and budget, while protecting our clients from potential price gouging often found in the construction industry.



Construction Observation

Terralab ensures project success by working closely with the construction and ownership teams throughout the building process. We pro-actively search for potential challenges during construction and address them before they arise, ensuring projects stay on budget and the overall vision is realized.


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Residential Landscape Architecture 

We work with homeowners to create outdoor living spaces that transform their property into a private oasis. Whether we are working with a large rural property in need of a long-term master plan, or a small urban courtyard that could use a creative touch, we design unique outdoor spaces that set the stage for a lifetime of memories.