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Clements Crossing



clements crossing


meritage homes


2016 - ongoing


Terralab is tasked with defining the identity of the development and developing the landscape into an amenity to bolster the success of the project. In addition to its landscape amenities, the project includes community branding and entry monuments at multiple access points, as well as a small pocket park planned for a future phase.


Clements Crossing is a multi-phase single-family residential land development project in a booming area just south of Houston. A linear drainageway bisects the property, creating several opportunities and challenges for the project. Designs focus on taking advantage of the planned drainageway and detention areas by transforming them into the development’s primary park feature. A meandering series of shallow ponds and wetland areas were introduced to enhance its functionality and visual appeal while providing residents with the ability to connect with nature. A series of trails and a low-water crossing provide connections throughout the site and allow users to enjoy the entire park space.